Hulutang Virtues


勤 Diligence (Qin)

承 Acceptance (Cheng)

容 Openness (Rong)

信 Integrity (Xin)

朴 Simplicity (Pu)

真 Truthfulness (Zhen)

谦 Humility (Qian)

无私 Selflessness (Wu Si)

Hulutang Disciplines


Do not be lazy

Do not be sloppy

Do not be impulsive

Do not be arrogant

Do not be fearful

Do not contend

Do not give up

In the old times, a Hulu (a dried gourd) was often carried by Daoists as drinking bottles and medicine containers. Over time, its symbol became metaphysical as a sign of longevity and immortality. Tang, in ancient times means a high dignified hall, often used as temple, palace or school. Hulutang hereby signifies where we follow and teach the principles and practices of the Dao (or often called Tao).

The Daoists and their related practices can be dated as far back as 5000 years ago. From these principles and practices, we engage with the public in various different contexts including Chinese martial arts classes, Chinese medicine clinics and programs based on Daoist philosophies and practices.

Hulutang offers:

- Traditional Kung Fu lessons, particularly Wuzuquan (Five Ancestors Fists). Both adult and kids classes are currently available.

- School programs, which includes after school Shaolin Kung Fu Club and workshops on Kung Fu, lion and dragon dance. 

- Qi Gong and comtemplation sessions.

- Chinese medicine clinic, which includes acupuncture, Tuina, cupping, moxa, bone setting and herbal suppliments.

-Daoist cultivation and longevity courses.

- Seminars and talks, which teaches applications of Daoist philosophies as well as Chinese medicine to harmonize mind, body and spirit.

- Lion dance blessings for Chinese New Year celebrations, business opening, weddings, baby birth blessing and more.